Cholo (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈtʃolo]) "Cholo" is a slang term in Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru meaning something “mixed or ghetto.” "We like the open-ended feel of it as it reflects our cuisine... exciting, indigenous and – unapologetically-- totally authentic."

We don’t play when it comes to food

Feed your senses with a trip to the newest taco shop in town: Cholo Soy Cocina. Borrowing an Ecuadorian slang term for the country’s indigenous people, “Cholo” also means “mixed or ghetto.” It’s a name that reflects an authentic Andean-American food experience that begins before your first delicious bite.

Mote (from Quechua: mut'i, through Spanish mote) is the generic name for several varieties of corn grains boiled, consumed in many regions of South America. It is usually prepared by boiling the grains in water made alkaline by the addition of ashes or lime, a process known as nixtamalization.

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