Led by Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen champ Chef Clay Carnes, Cholo Soy Cocina delivers a new kind of Latin street food. With tantalizing Andean-American flavors featuring locally grown produce and top–quality meats and ingredients, our menu boasts mucho tacos all crafted from freshly made Florida organic white corn tortillas.


The inspiration for the name came after Carnes saw some writing on a wall in a Peruvian restaurant. "Cholo" is a slang term in Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru meaning something “mixed or ghetto.” "We like the open-ended feel of it as it reflects our cuisine … exciting, indigenous and – unapologetically-- totally authentic."

Located in one of West Palm Beach’s most interesting neighborhoods, the Antique Row district, Cholo Soy Cocina is a bustling 600 square foot space featuring tacos, tacos and more tacos - all made with locally grown vegetables and top quality meats complemented by spices and peppers raised in our patio side garden.


We believe in knowing where your food comes from which is why we try to grow as much of it as possible. We've even brought in a corn miller, which you'll see standing in the corner of our kitchen, to make our own corn tortillas which perfect the art of our tacos.

We think this is proof positive that you’re in the presence of a food savant.

The establishment is the brainchild of award-winning Owner/Chef Clayton Charles Carnes.

Most days you’ll catch Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen Time Warp 2016 Champion rolling handmade tortillas crafted from freshly milled, organic, non-GMO white corn and chatting with guests. The celebrated chef’s vision led to his design of the intimate restaurant’s every detail. His dad, Honky Tonk musician/singer/songwriter Chuck Bob Carnes, joined him in pouring concrete, moving equipment, even painting and other details to create this destination for the best tacos in Palm Beach County.


And, because of Chef Carnes’ intense dedication to community, Cholo Soy Cocina’s tacos will not only be available for lunch and early dinner, but also available in large to-go style catering and ticket-only "puerta cerrada" style dinners. Carnes' wants to spread his findings from local farms and purveyors to create a memorable food experience available for all.

Join us and experience the colorful, flavorful and sensual Cholo Soy Cocina for yourself.

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